Picture This

Ohh, Tuesdays. Always so busy.

That being said. I just walked in the door.

Dinner has yet to be made.

However, I leave you with the glorious greenery that is a bowl of kale chips.

They remind me of summer.

Farmers markets.

Lounging in the sun.

Bring it!

Perhaps I should plan on making some for the Easter Bunny this weekend…he (or she!) would have to appreciate the crunch factor.

Hope you all are well – it’s been crazy lately, but I should be back to regular posting soon!


Hello, hello again – I know…what is this? Two…in like 12 hours? Well…I finally found my camera cord. haha

Here are random, little snippets of my life and eats over the past few weeks!

Gettin' serious - presentation day 'fit

I’ve fallen in love with French press coffee.

Days have been spent in the sand.

I discovered the amaaaazing-ness of frozen pre-made pain au chocolat from Trader Joe’s. Mon Dieu….I cannot explain how delicious these are. The only “hard” part is finding a place to put them for 8 hours to proof!

Honeydew‘s iced coffee has been a constant…I’d never had it before it moved into a complex near my mom’s house in NH, but I’m glad they did – it’s just so good!

Homemade iced coffee also made an appearance.

Finally…any semblance of health and greens…kale chips!!

Ahh – snapshots of life. I hope you all are wonderful.

Shades of Green

Hello, loves! I’ve been losing my mind this week – thinking it’s Friday when it’s not…gahh. Today I literally thought it was a whole different day at work…and even just a few minutes ago I had a panic that my friends were going to be in town soon and – crap, I had nothing to wear to go out!! Then…oh, right…it’s Thursday.

Apparently no amount of coffee could allow me to wrap my head around the fact that it was not Friday.

My day was busy – but my eats were good.

Okay, so the PB&J rollup picture is from last night… but rest assured…I stuffed my face with a number of these at lunch.


Also – hydration. Key.

However…my favorite meal(s) of the day often come at night…that’s not to say that I don’t utterly enjoy everything I eat…but I think it’s the anticipation of being done with the work day and of getting creative.

Tonight – my munchies were all shades of green.

First up – kale chips: part II. This time I dusted them with some Mrs. Dash Southwest Seasoning. Nom.

Pretty toasty greens!

I also had a “B”LT with guac. …the guac is def. not the beautiful green it once was (booooo oxidation); however, it’s faired decently. It made for a delicious sandwich!

Toasty Ezekiel bread is amazing!

  • Ever had one of those weeks where your internal clock is just waaaay off?

Trial by Fire

Yellllo, everyone!! How’s life? Mine has been buuuusy – and I haven’t been feeling 100% so I postponed blogging yesterday…I may have also gotten a little engrossed in the Hill’s marathon/finale/aftershow. C’est la vie.

I’ll start with pics from yesterday.

Lovin’ the reflection in my coffee.

On my lunch break, I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some toner – I decided on Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato…I was surprised how much it truly does smell like a vine ripe tomato that’s just chillin’ in the sun in someone’s tiny backyard garden. It’s interesting to smell like a veggie/fruit (whichever way you choose to look at a tomato) – but oddly nice. haha

I also picked up some other things that I never knew that I desperately needed.


On my way home I picked up kale and some jalapeno and cilantro goat cheese from the Copley farmer’s market.


Okay – so today.

The morning started off with the paper and a new [to me]  Kind bar – coconut almond. Definitely delicious to anyone who adores coconut…luckily, I am one of those people.

The free Metro is just entertaining – as is the man who hands them out and told me that I “made his life wonderful” and that I “was going to make him cry”….  I see him everyday and I think he could tell I wasn’t feeling 100% and it did cheer me up.

The day went by fairly quickly – though this week is crawling. It felt like Thursday!!

When I got home, I decided that kale chips needed to be made (okay, they were the sole reason I bought the kale).

My first trial got a little too toasty. Dark, dark, dark. I’m slowly realizing that my oven tends to run hot. haha  They were still delicious though.

Trial numero dos though?? Perfection. Still green, crunchy, light, salty…ahhh – where have kale chips been all my life?? If I could buy these by the bag I would. Perhaps it is a good thing that you have to work for them, though.

I literally crawled into my bed, and just stayed there until I realized that I should probably eat something more than just kale chips over the course of the entire evening.

In came an idea that had been brewing in my head for a few weeks now, tempeh tacos. I know…not revolutionary or anything, but with the guac that I made last week and the new jalapeno/cilantro goat cheese – it would be epic or at least I planned it to be epic. …no suspense – it was. It was so good. Just used the tempeh – crumbled – the way you would ground meat for normal tacos…add the seasoning and all that. YUM.

  • What’s the latest thing a stranger has said to you that brightened your day?? or something you’ve said to someone you don’t know that has brightened theirs?

I will admit; today the man handing out the paper really made my morning – I felt like crap and was running late, but he put a smile on my face as I ran down the steps towards the T. The little things, right? haha