Seat Stealin'

Happy Saturday…evening! :) I hope you all are doing wonderfully.

It has been a drizzly, COLD day around here. I am at my mom’s house – which is – but I am so bundled up right now it is ridiculous! It’s funny how easily our bodies adapt back to warm weather…throughout the winter I would have dubbed 40 degrees as a heat wave! haha Right now…it is downright freezing! :)

My day has been filled with lovely eats…though not the healthiest. It’s more than okay, though. Sometimes, you’ve just got to let go and have some fun with your eats. That’s how today has been for me.

I started my morning with a nice, hot cup of joe. I haven’t had drip coffee in forever – it was delicious. With drip, I usually do half of the mug coffee and the rest milk. Otherwise, I’ll be a jittery mess.

Breakfast was PB&J roll-ups (my mom is awesome and had Mighty Maple on hand as well as some triple berry jam that her friend MADE)…they’re an any time of day food … and I was craving PB ‘like woah’. I used these awesome La Tortilla Factory tortillas that my mom gets. They are so good. I cannot find them in Boston – I know La Tortilla Factory is a pretty available brand so it surprises me…but then again, the Shaw’s I go to in Boston is terribly organized…things are never in the logical places.

Warning: these are not the most beautiful roll-ups …however, they sure were delicious!

I spent most of the morning catching up on blogs, and look what happened when I got up for a second! Someone stole my seat….

Shadow is obviously checking out Angela’s blog and her amazing post about Nut Butter Encrusted Parsnip Fries. Can’t blame her…those suckers look absolutely mouth-watering…and well, I think I will make them soon. haha

I’m not going to lie…I was a total couch potato this afternoon. I hung out with my mom (always a good time) watched some television, read some books and munched on this goodness: blue corn tortilla chips and pineapple salsa. YUM. Pineapple salsa is easily my favorite fruit salsa.

Dinner was a lovely – home-cooked, made by mom with love -meal.

This place near us called Mike’s Red Barn does great meats, take-home precooked meals and salads. It’s located in Salem, NH on 97 for anyone in the area who is interested. They also do great little baked items, like biscotti.

Anyway, so for dinner we had some spicy sausage, some white beans roasted with stone-ground mustard and some roasted asparagus. Yummy, yum, yums. I usually only go for a small serving of the sausage – and don’t eat it very often –  but it’s really delicious. The beans were bombbbb, too.

  • Anyone have any epic Saturday night plans??

I plan on relaxing indoors with a good book or a movie…perhaps with some hot cocoa :) – not super exciting, but it feels amazing.

Life Changes

Today was the epitome of lazy days. I really did nothing (except for the fact that I’m watching the dog and the cat for my mom), but it gave me a lot of time to reflect on my life these days … which is something I haven’t had a whole lot of time to do as of late.

I did hang out with this kitty though:


Now, for the last few weeks I’ve mostly felt like this:

Photo 63

After doing a lot of thinking today, I’ve realized that I need to make some big life changes (some of which I can’t talk about at this exact moment but soon enough, I promise), and that I need to start a workout routine. Granted, I DO exercise. I walk (swiftly & with purpose!! haha…and mostly uphill) everyday, at LEAST 4.5-5 miles)…but I want to start a designated routine, separate from my daily routine of walking to and from class.

Angela, at Oh She Glows, has really been an inspiration. Today she left a vlog talking about her running, and getting back into it after her half-marathon, and about running outdoors in the winter. One thing she mentions is the endorphin addiction. I think I’m in desperate need of that. haha It will just be a matter of getting my body back into running — it’s been a LONG, LONG time (let’s say since I was on the cross-country team in 7th grade…yikes).

Now, I mean obviously, I’m not a person who is perpetually down in the dumps — a “debbie-downer” shall we say? But I know how I work, and with winter coming and the days getting longer, colder…and darker — I think endorphins are my key. I would honestly love to run outside, even in the winter (Any of you Bostonians do this…or anyone who lives anywhere with really cold winters, too??) because…putting it mildly…the treadmill and I are not friends.

I’ll keep you posted! :)

Food this evening hasn’t been the healthiest in the world — but considering I’m working out of my mother’s fridge and not my own…it’s not too horrible.

I made a frozen pizza and had a couple (small) pieces. It’s a white pizza with mushrooms and spinach.


I also had a glass of Diet Coke — and I never have soda. haha :) And yes, I know it’s in a Smuttynose Beer glass…but yep, it’s Diet Coke. haha


Talk to you all again…probably tomorrow night, considering I work ALL day tomorrow. I will keep you posted on any changes happening, too. :) Enjoy your Saturday nights!!